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Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi Temple (Maheswaram Temple) also known as “DAKSHINA KAILASAM. - ദക്ഷിണകൈലാസം” Is Situated At Maheswaram (Chenkal), 26km away From Thiruvananthapuram, The Capital of Kerala - World Tallest Sivalingam Situated In This Temple - Temple Darsan Timings Morning 4.30 A.M TO 11 A.M - Temple Darsan Timings Evening 4.30 P.M TO 8.00 P.M - Sivalinga Darsan Timings Morning 6.00 A.M TO 1.00 A.M - Sivalinga Darsan Timings Evening 3.0 P.M TO 8.00 P.M
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Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi Temple

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Maheshwaram Sri Siva Parvathi Temple at Chenkal in Thiruvananthapuram has become the tallest sivalingam in the country, with recognition from the India Book of Records.The construction has six meditation halls, 108 different sivalingams and 64 forms of Lord Siva.

Height of 111 ft two inches, the sivalingam constructed at chenkal.

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The construction of this Sivalingam is based on Shadadharam. In addition to the 6 meditation halls there exist another 2 halls, one at the bottom and other at the top of the Mahalingam. Devotees are allowed to meditate at each meditation hall by knowing about and concentrating at symbols of each chakra present there. In the Prayer hall (at the bottom of Sivalingam).

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